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Annually we will be holding three premium events, interspersed with numerous thought leadership forums focused on key relevant business topics. You can find details of all our upcoming events below. If you have any questions regarding attendance or membership, please get in touch via our contact page.

Next Event

Join us on Thursday 24 October 2019 between 18:00 and 20:30, at Metro Bank, Holborn for the first premium event from London Centre for SME Development, ‘Is the Future of Digital Human?’. 

We are delighted to announce our keynote speaker is Dr Andy Edmonds, PhD, founder of the UK’s first AI company and pioneer in this field. The accompanying panellists will be: Chris Wilkinson (Head of Digital Strategy, Metro Bank), Danny Bluestone (Founder and CEO, Cyber-Duck), Paul Sullivan (Founder and CEO, BIAS), and Alex Galviz (Founder, Authentic Alex).

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Digital Thought Leadership Lunch


Learn more about incorporating AI into your business operations at this exclusive Thought Leadership Lunch. Only 20 places available, so book early to avoid disappointment.

About this Event

Join us at this exclusive London Centre for SME Development Thought Leadership Lunch at the historic and prestigious Child & Co building in Fleet Street, London to learn more about the benefits of incorporating AI into your business operations.

The session will be led by Marcus Wright, (Senior Economist at RBS) and Dr Andy Edmunds PhD, founder of the UK’s first AI company and current CEO of DARLBrief presentations from our two thought leaders will be followed by a round-table discussion on the following topics:

  • Ways in which AI can reduce costs of compliance and reduce the need for staff during expansion

  • The use of chatbots in sales and customer support

  • Reusing general AI capabilities for your market niche

  • Overview of the UK economy and global financial developments

  • How forecasting and stress-testing can influence economic and business strategy

  • The drawbacks – adding automation adds a requirement for explanation

  • The more distant future, the autonomous company

Event Details

Time: 12:00 to 14:00
Date: Wednesday 13 November 2019
Venue: Child & Co, 3 Fleet Street, Temple, London EC4Y 1AU
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Admission by ticket only


Tickets for this exclusive Thought Leadership Lunch are just £25.00 + VAT for members and £35.00 + VAT for non-members.

Contact us on either or 020 8443 5457 if you have any questions about this event.

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Speaker Profiles


Dr Andy Edmonds, PhD , DARL AI Online
Dr Andy Edmonds founded the UK’s first AI company in the 80s. His next venture was a company using AI to generate financial trading systems that was ultimately purchased by the world’s biggest futures trading organisation. After a period as the CEO of a US publicly traded company he started developing general purpose AI tools for sale to other companies as infrastructure, creating a natural language processing tool used as the core IP for the UK’s leading regtech company. He attained a PhD in 1996 in the junction of AI, chaos theory and time series prediction. His current interests are AI systems that can explain themselves, and autonomous enterprises – i.e. trading companies with minimal or no human intervention.

Marcus Wright, Senior Economist, RBS


Marcus is Senior economist and Head of Economic Forecasting & Stress-testing Economics at Royal Bank of Scotland. He is an expert on China and UK economies. Undertaking in-depth thematic research - demographics, technological change and the labour market, A.I., political dynamics. Head of economic forecasting and stress-testing economics. 14 years covering UK economy - expert on all aspects, including monetary policy, labour market, housing market, demographics, regions and policy environment. 10 years covering Chinese economy - expert on numerous aspects including its economic outlook, monetary policy and financial system. Delivering economic scenarios for all aspects of stress-testing - EBA, PRA, IFRS 9, ICAAP. Applying economic insights to developing corporate strategy Expert on economics and asset markets - monetary policy, currencies, fixed income, capital flows.